Lockheed S-3 Viking

NASA Lockheed S-3B Viking – civil registration N601NA

Lockheed S-3 Viking – a four-seat twin-engine jet aircraft that was used by the U.S. Navy to identify and track enemy submarines. A carrier-based, subsonic, all-weather, multi-mission aircraft with long range, it carried automated weapon systems, and was capable of extended missions with in-flight refueling.

The NASA Glenn Research Center Lockheed S-3B Viking (civil registration N601NA). This plane underwent modifications that transformed it from an anti-submarine U.S. Navy aircraft to a state-of-the-art NASA research aircraft. While capable of a wide variety of science and aeronautics missions, the revamped S-3 began its research career studying airplane engine icing.

  • in-flight refueling
  • automated weapon systems

Lockheed S-3 Viking landing

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