What Copyright Licensing Arrangements Does Engineering4Kids Use?

Engineering4Kids subscribes to the free cultural works definition and we only permit licenses that are approved as free cultural works:

The default license is the CC-BY-SA license. Authors who choose to license their works under the Creative Commons Attribution License should make a clear statement at the onset of the project that these materials are licensed under the Attribution License. Engineering4Kids is currently developing a policy to guide the practical implementation of CC-BY licensing and public domain declarations in WikiEducator. More information about Creative Commons is available here on Wikipedia.

Technically Engineering4Kids authors who license their content as CC-BY (as in the case of others who choose this license) and CC-BY-SA do not give up their intellectual property rights — a free content license does not sacrifice Intellectual Property and ownership of such IP. On the contrary, it protects the the rights of those educators who take a vocational decision to live out the core values of education — namely to share knowledge freely. If you have any questions or concerns – please contact Engineering4Kids’s project founder

Copyright and licensing is riddled with complexity

In short, Engineering4Kids uses a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license, this means that:

  1. The original author retains copyright and intellectual property rights on their contributions — but license use of the materials in the following way:
  2. Freedom to use and distribute the materials
  3. Freedom to adapt and modify materials for local situations provided that:
  4. They attribute the original source (thus addressing concerns re plagiarism)
  5. and on condition that any modifications are released back to the community under the same rights and conditions (i.e. share-alike provision).

If you’re interested in finding out how Engineering4Kids matches our values of sharing knowledge within the context of Open Education Resources and corresponding legal requirements feel free to read the WikiEducator tutorial on what we mean by free content:

Engineering4Kids is not affiliated with WikiEducator, but the principals of Engineering$Kids are long-time contributors to WikiEducator, and share the values of open learning and Open Education Resources. In the interests of “reuse”, keeping just the one WikiEducator copy of the tutorial current and linking to it works for us.

Our preference is to see collaborative projects — by exploring how the Engineering4Kids community could add value to your initiatives. For example, we can potentially add to the cutomisation of materials for local contexts — keeping the original versions on the your site intact.

If you are willing to provide your materials to Engineering4Kids, then no signing instrument is necessary. Rather – a simple email confirming permission of the copyright holder/author to release a digital version of said resources on Engineering4Kids under a CC-BY, or CC-BY-SA license is all that’s required.