aircraft inspection and repair

FAA – Federal Aviation Administration – a branch of the U.S. government responsible for all things aviation

The FAA provides documentation and information on many engineering topics related to aviation

AC 43-13 – 1B Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices – Aircraft Inspection and Repair – great reference that describes airplane construction, engines, instruments – basic operation, underlying engineering, problem areas, inspection techniques and repair guidance

  1. Wood structure
  2. Fabric covering
  3. Fiberglass and plastics
  4. Metal structure, welding and brazing
  5. Non-destructive inspection
  6. Corrosion, inspection and protection
  7. Aircraft hardware, control cables and turnbuckles
  8. Engines, fuel, exhaust and propellers
  9. Aircraft systems and components
  10. Weight and balance
  11. Aircraft electrical systems
  12. Aircraft avionics systems
  • Glossary, acronyms, abbreviations