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ocean engineering – covers everything from oceanographic surveying to naval architecture to water sports equipment design to animal tracking devices. interesting and appropriate for coast Florida.

A Conversation With Whales – DareWin has collected and made this footage publicly available. The group has built audio and video rigs and software systems that will allow researchers to record their encounters and see all the whales in a pod at all times, which should help them determine who is clicking to whom, and how each whale responds.

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Ocean engineering provides an important link between the other oceanographic disciplines such as marine biology, chemical and physical oceanography, and marine geology and geophysics. Just as the interests of oceanographers have driven the demand for the design skills and technical expertise of ocean engineers, the innovations in instrumentation and equipment design made by ocean engineers have revolutionized the field of oceanography.

  • mechanical, electrical, civil, acoustical and chemical engineering techniques and skills, coupled with a basic understanding of how the oceans work.
  • solve complex issues including hydrodynamics, marine acoustics, offshore engineering, marine robotics and naval architecture.
  • offshore oil industry, environmental protection, ocean monitoring, developing renewable energy, underwater vehicles, ocean mapping, designing structures, marine transportation, or designing ships
  • Coastal engineering has become an increasingly important part of ocean engineering with more and more people living or working at or near the world’s coasts, problems associated with coastal development, such as pollution and waste disposal,
  • civil and coastal – clean water supply, shelter, energy, transport, protection from flooding and an infrastructure able to meet societal needs


  • Coastal Engineering (coastal structures, coastal erosion and adaption)
  • Marine Renewable Energy (harnessing wave and tidal energy)
  • Marine Robotics (autonomous and remotely controlled surface and underwater vehicles)
  • Ocean Acoustics (the study and use of sound in the sea, sonar engineering)
  • Ocean Environmental (environmental engineering, remediation, and human health)
  • Ocean Instrumentation (the design, calibration, and novel use of ocean sensors)
  • Offshore Structures (design/deployment of structures in the ocean)

Meet the people in Ocean Engineering

  • Marine careers – marine biology, oceanography, ocean engineering or social and policy science, and related fields
  • ocean engineering
  • Amy Kukulya – Senior Ocean Vehicle Operations Engineer at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)

National Science Foundation (NSF) Ocean sciences – locations and research

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