for educators

Here are some “teaching engineering” resources for educators – formal and informal – teachers, parents, mentors

Engineers On Deck
Engineering possibilities for K-12 We work with K-12 educators to make engineering possible for them to teach and possible for their students to learn. The Engineers On Deck teacher training program…
Learn to Teach Engineering: PD options for PK-12 Educators
Engineering has been commonly seen as the advanced application of math and science to solve problems, rather than a design process that utilizes research, creativity, social consciousness, multicul…
RTT/Components – WikiEducator
components that make up an effective training program for new teachers and tutors. Each area includes a description of the component followed by examples of where existing programs implement it. Th…
Instructables – How to make anything
website with multiple teaching tools for engineering. The website includes several projects and lesson plans for teaching engineering with fun, hands-on activities. This online forum began in the M…
For Girls Only | Girls RISEnet
hands-on projects and career exploration activities to inspire girls and expand the academic and career options of girls in technology and engineering.
US NSF – Engineering Classroom Resources
“This collection of lessons and web resources is aimed at classroom teachers, their students, and students’ families. Most of these resources come from the National Science Digital Library…
K-12 – Florida Engineering Society
projects, programs and presentations.Applied math and science are the foundation of all technological learning. encourage visibility of the engineering profession in the classroom, increase the num…

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