spatial thinking

Rubik’s cube

Spatial thinking, or spatial reasoning is thinking about the positions of objects, their shapes, their spatial relations to one another and the movement they make.

Engineers are usually good at spatial visualization – imagining three-dimensional objects. This is a skill, that you can learn and improve with practice. Most girls need more opportunities for building visualization and spatial reasoning skills.

  • Spatial Visualization quiz – Rotations – Take the test.
  • Spatial awareness puzzles rely on your ability to visualize and mentally manipulate objects in an environment. Spatial reasoning often requires comprehending 2D or 3D space. These spatial puzzles and games test your ability to grasp the relationship and orientation of an object to its environment and any neighboring objects. Prove your spatial intelligence by conquering these challenging online spatial games. (some require Flash Player.)

Q: How is your spatial reasoning ability? Try the test. Play some of the puzzles. Find some more spatial thinking puzzles online and share them as comments below.

This is a skill that gets better with practice.