Martha Coston | Civil War Women
Coston decided to market her flares in Europe. She set sail for England in August, 1859. She secured patents in England, France, Holland, Austria, Denmark, Italy and Sweden. She remained in Europe…
Marion Mahony Griffin | Pioneering Women of American Architecture
“America’s (and perhaps the world’s) first woman architect who needed no apology in a world of men.” Her career, which included important collaborations with Frank Lloyd Wright
Hearst Castle Architect Julia Morgan
next 28 years, Morgan supervised nearly every aspect of construction at Hearst Castle including the purchase of everything from Spanish antiquities to Icelandic moss to reindeer for the Castle
Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards
In 1890, the New England Kitchen opened in Boston under Ellen Richards’ guidance. It offered low-cost and nutritious food to working class families and instructed in food preparation
Helen Blanchard | Revolvy
After developing techniques for zigzag stitching and overseaming, Blanchard moved to Philadelphia, where she established the Blanchard Overseaming Company of Philadelphia to market her inventions
Petticoats and Slide Rules | National Society of Professional Engineers
Petticoats are not incompatible with slide rules, argued Margaret Ingels. In her 1952 speech to the Western Society of Engineers in Chicago, the mechanical engineer emphasized that a woman
Clara Driscoll (glass designer) – Wikipedia
head of the Tiffany Studios Women’s Glass Cutting Department (the “Tiffany Girls”), in New York City. Using patterns created from the original designs
Six Women Who Paved the Way for Female Engineers and Architects
history of women working in traditionally male-dominated fields. Beginning with the changing cultural sentiments that allowed females to seek work in the construction industry
Maria Klawe — Mathematician, Computer Scientist & President of Harvey Mudd College | People & Places | Smithsonian
Maria Klawe began her tenure as Harvey Mudd College’s first female president in 2006. Before joining HMC, she served as dean of engineering and professor of computer science at Princeton University
8 Things You Didn’t Know Were Invented by Women | Fiat Physica Blog
there have been many female inventors throughout history; it’s just difficult to tell exactly how many, thanks to restrictive laws. Until the late 1800s it was against the law for women to file