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Engineered polymer membranes could be new option for water treatment — ScienceDaily
The world’s freshwater resources are in short supply. According to the United Nations, water scarcity affects an estimated 1.9 billion people and 2.1 billion people live with drinking water
Pacific garbage patch may be 16 times bigger than thought | Science News for Students
There is a pooling of plastic waste that floats in the ocean between California and Hawaii. It’s known as the “great Pacific garbage patch.” This garbage patch spreads over 1.6 million square miles
This power source is shockingly eel-like | Science News for Students
Electric eels are legendary for their ability to stun prey with a high-voltage jolt. Inspired by the creature, scientists have adapted the eel’s stunning secret
Star Wars’ cutest droids would get stuck on the beach | Science News for Students
R2D2 trundles cheerfully across the sands of Tatooine. BB-8 takes his own sandy trek on Jakku. Sadly, such scenarios aren’t realistic. Not because Star Wars is fiction (though it is)
Light could make some hospital surfaces deadly to germs | Science News for Students
Hospitals are full of dangerous germs. A new coating taps the energy in overhead lighting to make some hospital surfaces self-disinfecting. This might one day prevent the spread of many infections
People — The Playful Learning Lab
Creating engaging, hands-on experiences for K-12 students, with an emphasis on real-world applications of the materials covered in the University of St. Thomas engineering department. Below are the…
The Playful Learning Lab
Code + Chords Squishy Circuits OK Go Sandbox Circus Engineering Center for Engineering Education Engineering for Deaf Students
Engineering for Kids – Kiddle
Engineering is the use of science and math to design or make things. People who do engineering are called engineers. They learn engineering at a college or university.
About – Waterlight Graffiti
Waterlight Graffiti is a project that aims to create a material made of thousands of LEDs which lights up when touched by water. When it touches the frame of a LED, water creates an electrical bridge
WITI – Women in Technology Hall of Fame – Dr. Anita Borg, Member of Research Staff, Xerox PARC, Founding Director, Institute for Women and Technology
Dr. Anita Borg was a computer scientist in the Office of the Chief Technologist at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). A visionary who started the first e-mail network for women in technology
The Galaxy Dress – CUTECIRCUIT
GalaxyDress for their permanent collection. The GalaxyDress provides a spectacular and mesmerizing effect being embroidered with 24000 full color pixels, it is the largest wearable display.
2018 is the Year of Engineering – EngineeringUK Promoting the vital contribution of engineers, engineering and technology.
The campaign will encourage young people from all backgrounds to take a closer look at engineering, challenging stereotypes and showcasing the variety and creativity