flexible circuits

Ancient paper art, kirigami, poised to improve smart clothing: New research shows how paper-cutting can make ultra strong, stretchable electronics — ScienceDaily
Scientists describe how kirigami has inspired its efforts to build malleable electronic circuits. Their innovation — creating tiny sheets of strong yet bendable electronic materials made of select…
TED-Ed and Periodic Videos
A lesson about every single element on the periodic table Created by the Periodic Videos team using the TED-Ed platform.
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OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine – Official Video – YouTube
From the OK Go album “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky”
OK Go Sandbox
“We want to give teachers whatever tools they need to connect the joy, wonder, and fun in our videos to the underlying concepts that their students are learning.”
About iSENSE
iSENSE is a web system for sharing and visualizing scientific data. It is intended to be a resource for middle school and high school science, math, and engineering instruction.
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Kids Ahead is the place to find the coolest science, technology, engineering, and math stuff for kids like you. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring!
K-12 Programs | Lyle School of Engineering – SMU
programs designed to introduce students in grades K-12 to engineering. Such programs are vital to ensuring a future engineering workforce.
Engaging Girls in STEM Starts in Kindergarten – Education and Career News
Girls who have early exposure to high-quality, relevant STEM experiences build confidence and begin to see themselves as scientists and engineers. This is especially important for girls
Edison Programmable Robot – Ideal for school classroom education
The Edison robot is a powerful, engaging tool for teaching kids STEM, computational thinking and computer programming in a hands-on way.