reverse engineering

Michigan Science Center |
after school distance-learning program called Peer Learners Connect that’s aimed at engaging older students to learn and teach STEM topics through media creation and broadcasting.
1001 Inventions – Discover a Golden Age, Inspire a Better Future | 1001 Inventions
“1001 Inventions is an award-winning international science and cultural heritage organisation that raises awareness of the creative golden age of Muslim civilisation that stretched from Spain
Science education: It’s not just for kids at the Michigan Science Center
a third of all children have lost their interest in science by the time they reach the fourth grade. It’s even worse by eighth grade, when research shows a staggering 50 percent of students
Ever Wondered Why There Are Those White Spirals Inside An Airplane Engine? This Is Their Purpose
” the spinner spiral’s primary purpose is to warn the ground crew that their engine is still rotating so that the person de-icing or performing any maintenance on the airplane
James Dyson Foundation STEM Challenges – Teach Kids Engineering
“STEM challenges from the James Dyson Foundation. This week we took on 6 of these challenges: Building a Cardboard Chair, a Spaghetti Bridge, a Cardboard Boat, a Marble Run, a Balloon Car
How to Teach Kids Engineering – 5 Keys to Success – Teach Kids Engineering
“It’s important not to delay real engineering projects until they master the fundamentals. Work on building this foundation alongside engaging projects to keep them excited.”
Geometry for Dance Costume Designs – A dance costume designer describes how she uses circumference and area calculations to make clothing for the stage.
A dance costume designer describes how she uses circumference and area calculations to make clothing for the stage.
Engineering in Reverse! | OER Commons
Students learn about the process of reverse engineering and how this technique is used to improve upon technology. Students analyze push-toys and draw diagrams of the predicted mechanisms inside
eGFI – For Teachers » Wearable Device Challenge
“Fashion sense” takes on a whole new meaning in North Carolina State University’s Wearable Device Challenge for middle and high school students.

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