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Behind the Tech
Behind the Tech” is a collection of portraits of women in Engineering, Operations and the technology industry that reflect the passion they have for their careers.
About – The Universe and More
“fun and educational games based on real lessons by real teachers, and share them for free and with no ads. Our games are designed to provide genuine learning, with built-in scaffolding
MakeWhatsNext – International Women’s Day 2017
“See how girls’ interests today could turn into a job of the future. We’re inviting girls to explore their passions further and gain insights from LinkedIn on how to make their dream job
STEM lesson plans & hands-on activities | Microsoft Education
“Hacking STEM Lessons & Hands-On Activities Build affordable inquiry and project-based activities to visualize data across science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum
Expanding Access to High Quality STEM and Computer Science Education Provides More Pathways to Good Jobs
One of the Administration’s top priorities is providing more Americans the opportunity to obtain relevant education and skills that lead to a good job.We must do more to help Americans
Remake Learning – Remake Learning is a network of people, projects, and organizations in the greater Pittsburgh region that are empowering children and youth by creating relevant learning opportu…
Making + Learning in Museums & Libraries
A Cross Curricular Lesson: Who will feed the World?
“meeting the food needs of an increasing global population. Working in groups students investigate population growth and agricultural production in major world regions and consider how develop…
Princeton Students Use YouTube to Motivate High Schoolers
The six-video series features interviews with STEM majors from Princeton University, each with a different background and a variety of interests, and asks them to provide insight on their transitio…