middle school electives

Q: Does it matter if girls select a non-technology elective? What does this say about the kids? About the technology electives offered?

Even at at a Science and Technology Charter School, Technology electives are a tough sell. Middleschoolers select an elective for one period 4 days a week. Of the three electives with a technology focus very few girls signed up. Specifically – Game Design (girls / total), ? Engineering (girls / total) and ? Technology (girls / total). There was some confusion about the titles and the associated teachers. Titles for each elective were chosen to map to district curriculum requirements. *** names, descriptions *** As the semester progresses it will be interesting to get feedback from the kids about their choices and how the electives were received by the kids. These electives are new in so far as the title and description have not been offered before.

How were these electives scoped and presented? What is the actual curriculum as described and as delivered? Why did they make this choice? Did the course meet the kids expectations? Who are the kids who selected these electives? hat is their predisposition to STEM?

Is the fact that middleschooler and girls in particular don’t find STEM electives appealing an example of why STEM and engineering topics are important in lower grades? It may be that some kids feel that they get enough technology integrated into their regular classes and would like to use this opportunity to try something else. Yes, it may well be that how the electives are described and presented are less appealing than chorus or gardening. It is great that kids are offered many diverse electives and they are able to explore a wide range of interests. This too is strongly encouraged to for personal growth and development of lifelong learning and social interests.