SWENextEd Newsletter Vol. 6 – May 2017

from SWENextEd Newsletter Vol. 6 – May 2017

Apply for a scholarship to a top tech camp, learn about fun engineering activities
SWE Next. A K-12 Outreach Program
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Apply for a scholarship to a top tech camp, learn about fun engineering activities

Fly Like A Girl

Engineering is not the only field that is dominated by men in today’s world. Piloting is a STEM profession in which men are the majority of the work force. Check out the video to see how female pioneer pilots are inspiring the next generation of female pilots.

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Alexa Café and iD Tech Camps

SWE is excited to continue our partnership with iD Tech to provide 10 SWENexters with need-based scholarships to Alexa Café and iD Tech Camps. At Alexa Café, girls dive into STEM concepts in a fresh, inviting café environment. In addition to Alexa Café, girls can also attend iD Tech Camps, the company’s flagship co-ed tech program with over 100 locations nationwide. Apply for a scholarship today! The deadline is April 25.


Mona MinkaraMona Minkara started losing her vision at the age of six years old, but blindness did not stop her from pursuing her dreams! Minkara not only completed college with a dual degree in chemistry and Middle Eastern studies, she also has her Ph.D. from the University of Florida where she worked as a chemistry researcher. In addition to all that she has overcome, Minkara is now developing a STEM curriculum that will cater to the visually impaired children in developing countries around the world!

All of Minkara’s accomplishments just go to show that STEM is for everyone! Learn more about her here.

Squishy Science

This Ted Talk features how one mother turned homemade play dough into simple circuit toys! Check it out here!

Engineering Activity

This month’s activity is called build-a-band and headphone helper! The video below gives a quick demo of how to do the project but the full list of instructions can be found by visiting here.

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