Engineer Your Life

Engineer Your Life – Four messages tested the strongest among high school girls

Engineer Your Life presents engineering as a creative, lucrative, team-oriented profession that allows people to make a difference. An independent study conducted by Veridian Insight LLC and American Institutes for Research shows that Engineer Your Life‘s messages are breaking down stereotypes about engineering and increasing high school girls’ interest in the field.

  • Live your life, love what you do. Engineering will challenge you to turn dreams into realities while giving you the chance to travel, work with inspiring people and give back to your community.
  • Creativity has its rewards. Women engineers are respected, recognized and financially rewarded for their innovative thinking and creative solutions.
  • Make a world of difference. From small villages to big cities, organic farms to mountaintops, deep-sea labs to outer space, women engineers are going where there is the greatest need and making a lasting contribution.
  • Explore possibilities. Women engineers often use their skills to go into business, medicine, law, or government. An engineering education will prepare you for many different careers.