black female pilots

Young & Amazing: Teen Invents Better Way to Keep Germs Out · The Society for Science & the Public
“how can we keep bacteria out of bandages for wounds, food packaging, clothing and other common products that need to be sterile? Jessica Tian, a 17-year-old high school senior
Engineer Turned Home School Teacher Reenters Workforce with GM’s Take 2 Program – All Together
GM is one of seven founding members of the STEM Re-entry Task Force, a group of engineering companies that committed to piloting an internship program for women returning to work after a career
SWE Member Mei-Li Hey is Always Connecting … Always Engineering – All Together
“Mei-Li Hey University of San Diego, Mechanical Engineering I am a rock climber, so I would be depicted as an adventurous, outdoor-loving and climbing enthusiast
Proposed Lego minifig set honors women at NASA.
“proposed the creation of a female scientist Lego minifigure set. The set would feature notable women: Margaret Hamilton, Katherine Johnson, Sally Ride, Nancy Grace Roman, and Mae Jemison
More Than Bessie Coleman: 7 Other Famous Black Female Pilots – Blerds
“In 1936, Brown became the first woman to obtain a private pilot’s license in the U.S. She was part of the National Airmen’s Association of America in 1939 whose sole purpose