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Faculty of Medicine
“What made you passionate about surgical engineering? I’m currently finishing up my PhD and hope to defend my thesis soon. The focus of my PhD is on making surgery safer.
Biography of Roberta Lynn Bondar – Canadian Space Agency
First Canadian women in space – “She is conducting research into blood flow in the brain during microgravity, lower body negative pressure and various pathological states.
Astronaut Julie Payette on the Toronto Science Festival
“Today, ours is a scientific and technological society, so having knowledge of science and technology is as fundamental as knowing how to read, write and count.
Astronaut candidate’s profile – Canadian Space Agency
“he privilege of being a marine geophysicist is that I get to be a modern-day explorer. Through the tools I have helped develop, I have been able to increase our knowledge
Astronaut candidate’s profile – Canadian Space Agency
“I am an ambassador for space and have undertaken an awareness campaign to better inform people about what space is bringing us. As an astronaut, I could reach the public
Astronaut candidate’s profile – Canadian Space Agency
“Space Systems Engineer, Planet Labs – I am responsible for the safe operation of two constellations of Earth-imaging satellites: the RapidEye constellation, consisting of 5 microsatellites
13 Questions with Sandra Villavicencio, ’16 MEM grad
” dealing with different people. In management, it is important to be able to communicate with different people, people come from different cultures and generations.
Khan Academy’s Marcia Lee Builds Tools for Online Education – IEEE Spectrum
“The Khan Academy educates millions of people online, and for free, thanks in no small measure to Lee’s software. That code allows both students and teachers (or coaches, as the Khan Academy
Denise Bailey – Welder / Instructor | Engineering & Technology | Video | PBS LearningMedia
“women working in traditionally male STEM occupations, and inspire them around career exploration in fields like technology, engineering, manufacturing and trades.
The Chemistry of Beauty: Hazel Bishop, Inventor Of First Marketable Indelible Lipstick
“Lipstick is, chemically, a tricky thing. Considered from any angle, the odds are against it. It has to be long lasting but removable, vibrant but non-toxic, uniform under all conceivable temperatures
A Cognitive Difference Between Women and Men Gives Men an Edge in Spatial Understanding
“High scores on mental rotation tests correspond to higher scores on math questions that involve geometry or story problems. And spatial cognition turns out to be a better predictor of success
Prof. Barba awarded a 2016 Leamer-Rosenthal Prize for Open Social Science :: Lorena A. Barba Group
” ten researchers and educators, out of 44 nominees from eighteen disciplines and twelve countries. See the BITSS press release. The presentation of Dr. Barba’s award cited her work
Even those who aren’t ‘geniuses’ succeed in STEM | Student Science
“Anarghya Vardhana first got into virtual reality by throwing boxes at her sister using an Oculus developer kit. She’s moved on from that to venture capital for technology.
Society of Women Engineers Empowers Middle School Girls at Stanford – All Together
“There’s a lot of research suggesting that girls start to become disinterested in STEM around middle school,” Umeh explained. “Programs like this help to fight that
Made with Code | Mentors
“MENTORS Meet the dreamers, creators, and hackers whose code is changing the world.”
Vera Rubin, Who Did Pioneering Work on Dark Matter, Dies | Sci-Tech Today
“Vera Rubin found that galaxies don’t quite rotate the way they were predicted, and that lent support to the theory that some other force was at work, namely dark matter.
Profile: Vera Rubin and Dark Matter
“”In a spiral galaxy, the ratio of dark-to-light matter is about a factor of ten. That’s probably a good number for the ratio of our ignorance-to-knowledge.
40 female founders who crushed it in 2016 | TechCrunch
Happy Birthday Dr. Mae Jemison: Five Facts You May Not Know About The Trailblazer
“She began college at Stanford University to study chemical engineering when she was only 16 years old. Dr. Jemison became the first African American woman to travel in space
Star-Gazing Women Made Trail-Blazing Discoveries
“These women astronomers made great discoveries. Annie Cannon’s stellar classification, which is called the Henry Draper Catalogue, is still used today.