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Faculty of Medicine
“What made you passionate about surgical engineering? I’m currently finishing up my PhD and hope to defend my thesis soon. The focus of my PhD is on making surgery safer.
Toronto’s ‘urban forest’ worth $14.2-billion, report says
“Testing, validating and optimizing engineered natural systems to work to their fullest capacity is behind modern-day initiatives, such as the GRIT Lab, which measures green roof performance
Astronaut candidate’s profile – Canadian Space Agency
“Space Systems Engineer, Planet Labs – I am responsible for the safe operation of two constellations of Earth-imaging satellites: the RapidEye constellation, consisting of 5 microsatellites
Mr. Fuller’s Solar Powered Cars WebQuest
“Each team will be assigned an identical car kit. You will have 4 weeks to get ready to race so use your class time wisely. You can modify your kits any way you want
Girls Explore Engineering with Marble Run Challenge
“Whether using foam tubing or an assortment of found and recycled materials (as in the photo above), creating a marble run or marble roller coaster is great hands-on engineering for students
Girls at After-school Program Science Event Explore Paper Airplanes
“Folding paper airplanes is a great way for students to experiment with core concepts like lift, drag, and thrust. The following science Project Ideas bundle hands-on aerodynamics exploration
Saving a Life: Heart Valve Replacement – Activity – www.teachengineering.org
“Because diseases of the heart and circulatory system are a leading cause of death in the U.S., artificial heart valves are a leading area of research for biomedical engineers.
Put Your Heart into Engineering – Lesson – www.teachengineering.org
“Artificial heart valves are one example of biomedical inventions that aid human health and extend human lives. Only through understanding human anatomy and biological functions have engineers
LinkEngineering – Valentine’s Day Engineering
“lesson on the human heart that uses the engineering design process? Put Your Heart into Engineering is a lesson geared for middle school that explores the design requirements
LinkEngineering – In Engineering, Failure is Human—and Necessary!
“For our final presentation, we showed the crash video (to the surprise of the class and our professor), and that allowed us to show what drove our modifications and ultimate success