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The Chemistry of Beauty: Hazel Bishop, Inventor Of First Marketable Indelible Lipstick
“Lipstick is, chemically, a tricky thing. Considered from any angle, the odds are against it. It has to be long lasting but removable, vibrant but non-toxic, uniform under all conceivable temperatures
Future City Competition
“Future City is a project-based learning program where students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades imagine, research, design, and build cities of the future.”
Hydro-Gen current turbine
“Floating current turbines for sea, estuary, river or stream. The turbine is fully underwater but “upside down” below the floating barge. It can get out of the water
Flipgrid | World Making STEAM Challenge
What can you make with…
Muscle Contraction ( Real World ) | Biology | CK-12 Foundation
“Muscle Contraction Muscle fibers move in response to nerve signals by activating molecular servos that contract the fibers. Actuators are the muscles of a robot Humanoid robots mimic humans
Search | CK-12 Foundation
“Mechanical Me Real WorldDiscover how robots are becoming more and more human-like.”
New glue instantly hardens with electric current — ScienceDaily
“the adhesive may be a game-changer in manufacturing fields as diverse as biological implants and automobiles. The new adhesive is a liquid gel that “cures” to form a polymer bond
What is Engineering? – YouTube
(6) “Flying cars, Earth-sized atmospheric filters, quick access to clean water, phones with holograms, and more! Who can make these things happen? Engineers! So what does it take to be an engineer
Residential turbine design inspired by hummingbird wings
“Employing dual oscillating blades that mimic the figure-8 motion of the wings of a hovering hummingbird, the turbine’s relatively compact design make it a potential fit for residential use
Raspberry Pi 3 Complete LCD Display Kit | New Atlas Deals
“Start learning to program with fun, practical projects on the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Developed by leading computer science educators, Raspberry Pi is a compact computer with an enormous range