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529px-octopus_balloon_animalBalloon animals

I’m working on a project to find ways to introduce the E – Engineering into K-8.

Although it doesn’t have to be via Science, that will be the starting
point for this phase. Current thinking is to provide classroom
teachers (you) with a very short (2-3 minute) “This is Engineering”
item every couple of days. Along the lines of quote of the day,
science fact or the day, … These would be about “built” (man-made)
stuff that are commonly available that relate to the Volusia Science
curriculum maps for the week.
* fan – energy transfer / convection
* pump – water cycle
* balloon animals – compressed gas

I would love to have your input and feedback as well as help with
“delivery”. It would be even cooler if the kids came up with the
“application” of the science. After all, Applied Science is another
name for Engineering.

td.. [we have changed] the scheduling and use the interdisciplinary STEAM curriculum my team is building. We are also happily adjusting to our IPads and all the additional resources they allow us.

I love the engineering idea. Could it be a link that students could access on their own as they have time. I am trying to integrate more opportunities for self-directed learning/study. They would no doubt discuss the things that interest them and it would seem more like cool stuff they get to explore/own, rather than more “work”.

Sure we can do whatever works for you.

Do you want just one thing at a time? Maybe a weekly blog post with
several ideas, brief descriptions and a couple of links? We can work
this out if you are willing to offer the material to the kids.

I was planning to provide engineering applications that correspond to
current science topics. Just let me know what you are working on. That
will provide some direction. Sometimes there is very cool stuff that
just comes up, so having flexibility about what to include is nice.

Format, pictures, … coming soon.

Making Candy : Energy transfer (video 5:05)
Candy production requires lots of heat.
Engineering ideas: heat, Fahrenheit, electromagnet, induction,
convection, conduction, radiation, heat capacity

Balloon animals
Engineering ideas: balloon, twist, inflate, compress, compressed gas
10 Fun Activities to Do with Balloons! 30 Ways to
Play with Balloons

Engineering ideas: ascend, estimate, lift, compound,
experimentation,thermometer, measure, temperature, photograph,
tethered, airflow, tension

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