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Firefly Infant Phototherapy – by Design that Matters / Core77 Design Awards
“Firefly Infant Phototherapy Worldwide, 60% of newborns experience infant jaundice. Of those, one in ten will require treatment with phototherapy to prevent the possibility of serious complications
Metallic glass gears make for graceful robots — ScienceDaily
“being cooled so rapidly, the material is technically a glass. It can flow easily and be blow-molded when heated, just like windowpane glass.
Sphere Research’s Slide Rule Universe – How and Why a Slide Rule Works
“The underlying principle of the slide rule is simple enough. If you take two ordinary rulers, and starting from a position of two units – two inches, two centimeters, whatever
Sphere Research’s Slide Rule Universe, Build your own slide rules!
“how to make a simple rule, and suggestions for all the mechanical steps. The second section has scales for very advanced rules, and you can follow the same general methods
The Slide Rule Universe, literally everything about buying and using slide rules, sliderules and sliderulers!
“At this site, you can get detailed information and buy rules from manufacturers all over the world, We have collected data, rules and photographs from all over the world
Diamonds turn nuclear waste into nuclear batteries
“The nuclear diamond battery is based on the fact that when a man-made diamond is exposed to radiation, it produces a small electric current. Carbon-14 is a low-yield beta particle emitter
Leadership | Bookshare
“Betsy Beaumon, President, Benetech BS in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University. – Betsy Beaumon is a technology executive and entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience
Design and Build a New Toy (Grades 5, 6, 7, 8) by Literary Sherri | Teachers Pay Teachers
“You have been hired to design and build a new toy! Your toy will be marketed across the nation this coming holiday season! You have 75 minutes to build a prototype, design a magazine ad
instaGrok engineering classroom
A good combination: Model and experiment for a deeper look: Researchers develop new method for non-destructive testing with ultrasound — ScienceDaily
“Non-destructive testing methods play a major role in guaranteeing quality and safety, driving substantial interest in refined methodologies. Now researchers have developed a method