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These are the latest additions to an ongoing random collection of links to interesting (and useful) resources about engineering.

Engineering, Building, and Architecture | National Museum of American History
“The engineering artifacts document the history of civil and mechanical engineering in the United States. So far, the Museum has declined to collect dams, skyscrapers, and bridges
ITEEA – For the Classroom
“With technology and engineering education, students get to problem solve, design, and innovate while being presented with rich and varied experiences. It aims for broad technological literacy
Engineering in the Classroom | Smithsonian Science
“key to teaching engineering is getting students to use an engineering design process. While there are thousands of variations of the engineering design process
EngineerGirl – Fun Facts
“Engineering Fun Facts Did you know… Check out these fun facts about women, engineers, and cool engineering achievements.”
engineering – Search Results
search – engineering
New Atlas (Gizmag)
“New Atlas is a celebration of human endeavour, we aim to inspire. We cover technology. Online for more than a decade, New Atlas is read by more than 5 million people per month.
‘Open Source’ Resources for major Disaster & Emergency Management Situations | Open Health News
“listing of open source applications that have been successfully used in emergencies and disaster recovery all over the world. In times of man-made crises or natural disasters there are a rang…
99% Invisible
“This podcast reminds me that pretty much everything in the world has been designed, and that there are so many opportunities to improve things.