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Make: – YouTube
The Make: Workshop shows cool videos about projects you can make — it’s all STEAM with topics for a wide variety of interests and ages.
STEAM YouTube Channels for Elementary Kids | Imagination Soup
“best S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) YouTube channels. favorite educational channels that are meant specifically for elementary-age students.
STEM Activities and Standards | zSpace
“Parachutes give humans a remarkable opportunity to temporarily defy gravity. In this hands-on, project-based learning experience, students will design and build parachutes.
Crossing the Gap – LEGO Engineering
“Build a robot that can safely cross the gap between two desks. The gap starts at 15 cm, and will increase by 5 cm each time your robot reaches the other side.”
U5 Take – SWENext_Activity_5.pdf
Practice being a chemical engineer by makingplastic from milk and vinegar. Once you finish this challenge try pushing yourself even further with the two additional experiments
Try Cool Engineering Activities | Society of Women Engineers
“fun activities that will allow girls to learn more about engineering. Activity #1: Touch Down Activity #2: Egg Drop Activity #3: 4-Wheel Balloon Car Activity #4: Bristle Bots
Engineering for kids Pinterest
Engineering for KidsArt & STEMInteresting StructuresSTEM Projects for KidsWomen in Engineering
Life with Moore Babies: E is for Engineer
“E is for Engineer The Community Helper I chose for E is Engineer; mainly because that is what their Daddy is. He is a computer engineer though, and I couldn’t think of much to do
14A-Building Wings Lesson Plan.pdf
Building Wings Mechanical Engineering • Introduce students to the theory of Conservation of Mass Discuss Bernoulli’s Principle Learn the concept of lift & how aircraft fly
Lesson Plans « The College of Engineering at the University of Utah
“lesson plans and presentations present modern applications for science, math, and engineering to students. Many are accompanied by checkout materials for K–12 classrooms — these resources…