block party


IMG_0267LEGO fact from MOAS summer camp LEGO Block Party – there are 915+
million ways to configure 6 8-stud LEGO blocks.

I now have a pound of Duplo LEGO blocks. I picked out 6 of the 8-stud
blocks – all different colors. So this is 1 of the 915+ million

The photos are all the same configuration but from different angles.
The isometric graph and the “footprint” I did on my iPad.

IMG_0269There are several activities that come from this

  • from the photos, replicate the structure with 6 8-stud blocks
  • starting with the isometric drawing, build the structure
  • starting with the footprint, build the structure
  • starting with the structure – from the photos or from the structure
    you build, created the isometric drawing and/or the footprint
  • using the same blocks, build and draw some or all of the other 915+
    million configurations.

IMG_0271I built the structure, then created the drawing and footprint. This
was pretty challenging. Great spatial reasoning activity.

I have 6 more structures of varying complexity ranging from one with just 2 4-stud blocks to one with 8 blocks of different sizes.

July 15
First “party” with three ladies at B&GC, we started with 6 8-stud blocks each and made several different structures. We talked about combinations but didn’t think that there are 915+ million.  I made a couple of block party journals – grid paper and plain paper. We had separate sheets of isometric dot paper as well. We looked at the flat graph for 2 blocks – stacked in line and offset one. We worked on drawing these on the isographic paper. Lots of learning – have to have page oriented so that the dots line up to produce the correct perspective with vertical lines on the edges. Even in pencil, these get messy. Whiteboards don’t provide enough structure or guidance. We didn’t try using a drawing app although this might be a solution if there are tablets available. Kids were pretty engaged and challenged. Not bad for a first encounter.