2015aug14 – e4k activities

These activities provide a starting point. There are 1,000s of hands-on engineering activities and projects on the internet. Many include step-by-step instructions and video tutorials as well as detailed diagrams and photos of the final products.

Most of the activities assume that a grown-up – parent, teacher, youth group leader will assemble the materials, deliver the instructions and provide guidance. A few encourage experimentation and individual work. We are always on the look-out for activities that kids can do themselves, but there are surprisingly few projects that are presented as kid-directed activities.

Engineering and Science Activities | Girls RISEnet
directory of ready-to-use activities and curricula for informal science educators to engage students with engineering and science.
NWED Activities for Schools | Women’s Engineering Society
NWED Activities for SchoolsNWED Activities for Schools The links below have resources that teachers can download and use free of cha…
Spatial thinking concerns the locations of objects, their shapes, their relations to each other, and the paths they take as they mo…
Pentomino Puzzles; Spatial Sense, Geometrical Visualization, and Reasoning Skills – Mr. L’s Math
pentominoes, using 5 squares, are the polyomino that has gotten the most popularity due to their versatility in generating puzzles….
Engineering Kids: By Engineers for Young Engineers
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9 Maker Projects for Beginner Maker Ed Teachers | Teach.com
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Designing and Building File-Folder Bridges Bridge Design – nocRead.Com
Designing and Building File-Folder Bridges Bridge Design”
Bridges, L1, Activity 2: Straw Bridges Teach Engineering – nocRead.Com
Straw Bridges Teach Engineering
The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids: 239 Cool Sites
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