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Carnegie Mellon’s Lego-like Modular Snake Robots
CMU’s Modular Snake Robots rectify this by taking a cue from Lego. The developers have come up with short snake sections, each with their own “brain,” that can be snapped together before deployment by the operator, who can make snakebots-or crab-bots with snake legs-that are as long or short as s/he wishes.


Engineers Create Teflon-based Invisibility Device
the cloaking device could have a number of applications, including concentrating solar energy and boosting optical communication signal speeds.


Engineering and Science Activities | Girls RISEnet
directory of ready-to-use activities and curricula for informal science educators to engage students with engineering and science.


Engineering Design Project Guide
Getting Started Engineering Design Process Define the Problem Design Notebook The engineering design process is a series of steps that engineers follow to come up with a solution to a problem. Many times the solution involves designing a product (like a machine or computer code) that meets certain criteria and/or accomplishes a certain task.

30 fun facts about engineering, science and technology
30 fun facts about engineering, science and technology – 220 million tons of old computers and other technological hardware are trashed in the United States each year. A diamond will not dissolve in acid. The only thing that can destroy it is intense heat.


Episode 576: When Women Stopped Coding
a lot of computing pioneers, the ones who programmed the first digital computers, were women. And for decades, the number of women in computer science was growing. But in 1984, something changed. The number of women in computer science flattened, and then plunged.


The Large Hadron Collider – All you need to know about the world’s most expensive experiment ever
The large circular tunnel is 27 kilometers (17 miles) long and located under the Franco-Swiss border. It is used to accelerate atomic particles to extremely high velocities close to the speed of light.


Solar Impulse 2 stuck in Hawaii after record-breaking flight
On the ground in Hawaii, the Solar Impulse team now reports that irreversible damage to certain parts of the batteries will require repairs and replacements that will keep the craft out of the air for at least the next 2-3 weeks.

Surgical team simulates zero-gravity surgery
30 seconds of weightlessness. During these moments, the US/Canadian surgical team carried out a proof-of-concept emergency laparotomy operation to treat a blunt trauma to the torso.

HomeBioGas turns organic waste into energy
HomeBioGas TevaGas (TG), a family-sized bio-digester made to be a sustainable and safe solution to the issue. The anaerobic digester works on energy generated by organic material, such as food waste, which is converted into biogas fuel, a combination of methane gas and carbon dioxide.


The latest renewable energy source is viaducts with wind turbines
“viaducts with wind turbines build underneath them. The turbines could be installed on the largest bridges and these would provide us with electricity.


Nikola Tesla Predicted Smartphones In 1926
“The instruments through which we shall be able to do his will be amazingly simple compared with our present telephone. A man will be able to carry one in his vest pocket.”


Pushing Boundaries – Women in Engineering – YouTube
Follow Dawn Bonfield on her journey looking at some incredible and inspiring stories of female engineers – could the next one be you? Celebrate National Women in Engineering Day

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