engineering ideas

In addition to general descriptions, pictures and links to resources, the objective is to provide some introductory  engineering insight about each object or structure, the engineering design process, and stuff that is taught in engineering school or in pre-req math and science courses.

Basic premise – the engineering is everywhere, but it goes unnoticed and unappreciated by most people, especially middle school kids who are actually interested in this stuff. So there will be some engineering information in each story…

Each page / story has the same outline and starts off with short descriptions and links to other more detailed resources.

**What’s the problem?**
* **Ask**  * **Imagine** * **Design, Build** * **Improve**
– examples of questions and ideas that came up in the engineering process

**That’s engineering**
– 2-3 specific engineering school topics that were used to come up with this object or structure

**Engineering ideas**
– list of engineering words, concepts – usually from the other referenced descriptions

Here are some examples where the “engineering” is starting to come together in the object or structure “story” (page)

Then what? The format is ok. The kids who have reviewed it think this is interesting. Short descriptions, lists, pictures, lots of links to videos, online games and simulations, and online resources.

Now, need help with making the engineering connections for anything and everything. Just 2-3 ideas or concepts and a couple of sentences of explanation, at most in each story. Eventually all stories will include some explicit engineering information.

btw.. There is an endless supply of interesting objects and structures and engineering ideas to describe. This is just the beginning.