How Important Is The First CS Course?

This is a good read. We will be working with the kids on using Scratch in the coming weeks. With filtering and Flash, we only have one laptop that can be used, so there will have to be a lot of cooperation and collaboration. Stay tuned…

from… How Important Is The First CS Course?

In the case of computer science there are lots of fun and interesting things to teach and ways to teach them. You can use block languages like Scratch, Kodu and Alice (see lots more at block programming languages) for example. You can use turtle graphics in tools like different versions of LOGO or TouchDevelop or Small Basic and many more. You can use languages like Visual Basic that are more friendly than the semi colon and curly brace languages.

But most of all you can teach things that students care about.Let them get creative. A project they can and want to show their friends is worth five they have no interest in. You can talk about applications that change the world. Or even just their world. But by golly computer science is fun and interesting and a first course should show that. Get them interested. We are not yet at a point where courses that weed out the kids who are not already hooked on software are necessary or desirable. QEq5OlUaL6Q