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  • ” smartphone app: a tap of the screen and the hand automatically arranges itself into a preset grip. The thumb can move into 24 different positions and new, extra-sensitive fingertip electrodes also give improved dexterity.”

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  • “essential tools for designing, managing, and assessing your projects. The folders include Project Planning Forms, trips on creating Driving Questions, rubrics for 21st century skills assessment, and methods for creating high performing student teams.”

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  • ” there are a number of ways that teachers can bypass the system and offer students the tools and experiences that spur an innovative mindset. Here are ten ideas:”

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  • “Kid Designer: A Comfortable Cardboard Chair Many people have never attempted to build their own furniture because they feel it would be too difficult or too expensive to make anything worthwhile. In this video segment from ZOOM, a yound designer named Nick demonstrates his process for designing and constructing attracti

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  • “The Draper Prize – One of the world’s preeminent awards for engineering achievement, The Charles Stark Draper Prize was established by the National Academy of Engineering and endowed by Draper Laboratory in 1988 to recognize innovative engineering achievements and their reduction to practice in ways that have led to important benefits and significant improvement in the well-being and freedom of humanity. The Prize recognizes achievement in all engineering disciplines, and engineers worldwide are eligible to receive it.”

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  • “Helps Companies, Communities, Colleges & Citizen Inventors
    INCREASE Innovation Speed & DECREASE Risk
    by accelerating Innovation Supply Chain Connections”

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  • “Test your engineering skills and try to match the right bridge to the right location. Click on one of these four regions to get started. By the way, you may use each bridge type only once “

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  • “This website contains numerous information sheets and exercises to enhance the study, understanding and teaching of DESIGN and TECHNOLOGY.”

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  • “list of links to technology sites recommended by W.A.T.T members. “

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  • “Project-Based Learning, by definition, is flexible. It encourages learner-centeredness, provides the possibility of more authentic work, and allows learners to self-manage and self-direct in places they used to have their hands held. But this has its drawbacks. Learning is a capacity-building endeavor that seeks to, well, build capacity will ironically depending on that same capacity to progress,”

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  • “Bridges are structures used by people and vehicles to make crossing areas easier in travel. Engineers build bridges over rivers, lakes, ravines, canyons, railroads, and highways.
    Bridges must be built strong enough to safely support their own weight as well as the weight of the people and vehicles that pass over it. The bridge must also withstand natural occurrences that include weathering, earthquakes, strong winds, and freezing and thawing.”

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  • “Lesson Starter – Famous Structures of the World. Another Lesson Starter – Structures. Introduction to Bridges.”

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  • Although not intended to replace conventional watercraft, the PlanetSolar team make a note that it was boats that allowed the first great explorations of our world. “

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  • “project to take the Skylon spaceplane into the orbit. During most of time it would be used as a normal airplane, like taking off and landing on conventional runways, but the main difference is in the power source of this aircraft. It will be powered by a Sabre engine, specially designed for its purpose. It will be working like a normal jet engine in the lower attitude, breathing in oxygen and when in higher altitude of outer space it will act as a rocket engine. So, we may call it some sort of a “hybrid engine”.”

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  • “**Programming fundamentals and logic lessons for kids!** The fuzz family crash landed on Smeeborg and they need your help navigating the Technomazes! Use drag and drop commands to direct your fuzz through the colorful lighted maze. Don’t get lost, or your fuzz might not be too happy!”

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  • “Presenter is a new free online tool for creating online presentations, animations and infographics. Most of the options on Presenter all look impressive but, are just slightly more complicated than I would like (though I’m sure they all would be fine for most readers of this blog). I, though, particularly like their infographic tool. “

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