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Inclined Plane <picture>

One of the fundamental simple machines is the Inclined Plane, explained by BrainPOP’s Tim & Moby

There are plenty of examples of uses of the inclined plane throughout history

  • building the pyramids
  • loading a ship floating next to a dock
  • screws for fastening pieces of wood
  • door stops

Design challenge – Inclined planes in the community

Look for places around you where INCLINED PLANES would solve a problem or make life easier for someone. Ask questions and find information to come up with your solution. Each of these “what” questions is a step in the Engineering Design Process.

  • What? (Ask questions to understand the need)
  • So What? (Imagine, brainstorm)
  • Now what? (Plan)
  • Do It (Create)
  • If this then what? (Improve)

Use your imagination to explain the need and to show and share your solution. Make a model. Draw a diagram. Make a video. Give a presentation.

Engineering vocabulary,concepts – inclined plane, simple machines

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