iPad Mini test drive

Form factor FYI – iPad minis are great for little people. A friend’s 7 year old granddaughter spent a couple of hours with my iPad mini. Previously, I had loaded a bunch of K-8 apps that looked interesting, so she had a number of things to try.

Some time ago, I visited a classroom and worked with a couple of kids with a regular iPad. It was fine for somethings but it was too big and heavy for anything other than having it sit on a table.

Last night Lilly-Kate wandered around or sat in the big living room chairs with my iPad mini and was happy as a clam for a couple of hours!

  • Brushes – needed a bit of help to start, but loved it
  • Cut the Rope (Free) – she has this on her own iTouch so she was pretty good at it already – much better than me. I had tried it, but didn’t get the hang of it.
  • StoryKit – enjoyed and would have read more, but only 5 books were available
  • Photo Booth – always lots of giggling
  • 24/7 Tutor Lite (Free) – Spanish – not interested
  • Brain Turner (Free) – too difficult

App “cover” art – On her own, she selected several apps because she liked the icon regardless of what the apps actually did – Around Me, Physics Regents Buddy were interesting choices.