smartphone survey overview

I think everything has been entered ok for the smartphone survey – 134 kids and a test record

In general

  • remarkably good responses, lots of comments, nothing weird
  • more Facebook accounts, fewer Google accounts – interesting mix of one without the other. I haven’t done the numbers but looks like 1/3 both, 1/3 google only, 1/3 facebook only
  • none of these kids respond in cursive
  • some suggestions for homework calendars
  • quite a few kids mentioned edmodo and pinnacle
  • flashcards, quiz prep – good projects for kids to create and share
  • educational videos, games mentioned regularly – have kids recommend, demonstrate
  • didn’t ask about books, some volunteered info
  • digital textbook replacement – coming soon in several states


  • more options to use smartphones, through not mandatory
  • encourage kids to use outside school – bus, etc. to view videos, listen to podcasts, do flashcard reviews
  • study skills – notes, calendars – encourage use of smartphones for organization, review, enrichment