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The Smartphone Survey doesn’t have any “right” answers.

Edmodo quiz requires something to be designated as correct for each question. It isn’t a good fit for the Smartphone Survey, where I want to guide the responses wit checkboxes and multiple choices.

Edmodo doesn’t have a “feedback” or “explanation” function which is nice for self-study quizzes.

I really like the idea of having kids create self-study materials to share. There are several good web-based apps that work on a smartphone.

  • Quizlet – flashcard format, 1000s of “sets” already available – a good activity would be to try several on a topic and recommend the “best” one. The Quizlet app is available for a better smartphone experience.
  • Juno Ed – more functionality, includes the ability to add an explanation, can transfer information to some gradebooks. Juno is a distributor of educational content as well as a tool provider.

Although using these means introducing yet another technology, the tasks are different and the applications are much better fit. Worth considering and not something that has to be decided today.


To determine what technologies students are bringing to school, and how we can use them for teaching and learning, please answer this questionnaire.

Do you have a smartphone? Access wifi, run applications, camera, play music and videos

  • iPhone
  • IPod / iTouch
  • Android
  • iPad – similar, handheld
  • Other:

What do you use your phone for? Check all that apply.

  • Emergency / family calls only
  • Text messaging
  • Social – Facebook, Twitter
  • Entertainment – music, games
  • Education
  • Other:

Do you download Apps onto your phone?

  • Yes – I decide
  • Yes – with parents permission / help
  • No – only parents can
  • Other:

What types of apps do you have installed on your phone that you use frequently?

  • Browse, search
  • Social games – Words with Friends
  • Share – photos
  • Check email, text messages
  • Homework / classwork assist – fact check, calculator
  • Notes, drawings
  • Watch, listen
  • Maps, directions
  • Tools – flashlight, compass
  • Other:

How do you know how to use the apps on your phone? Check all that apply.

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Teacher
  • Read about it. Saw it on TV.
  • Just experimented and figured it out
  • Read the help.
  • Other:

Do you have a Google account? Would it be ok for you to have a Google account to use for school related email, watching math and science videos, listening to audio podcasts?

  • Yes
  • No

Do you have a Facebook account?

  • Yes
  • No

How would you like to use your phone for school? Suggest some apps and activities.


Thanks for your help!