Moving to handheld

Rather than come up with additional activities, kids have the option of doing the same activities using only their smartphone. I would like to see the grades / smartphone distribution.

Don’t know how many new things are appropriate, but I’d like to see all these working sooner or later.

A activity – kids select and do C and B activities for those points + write the instructions for what they did for A points.

C / B activities – kids do these with their smartphones (as appropriate) for the activity points + bonus for feedback. Would some of the C and B students be more engaged with a smartphone activity?

A activity – kids come up with a new C or B activity or a new way of doing an activity that makes better use of smartphone – “transformation” .. see attachment

There are lots of easy to use tools that can be used to make these modified “smartphone aware” activities. Some are web-based and work on the classroom computers as well as smartphones with the corresponding app – Edmodo posts, quizzes and libraries for example. Documents and pictures can be created on a smartphone and transferred as required.

Along the way, there should be some “productivity” and “management” gains for you, too. That’s the theory, anyway :o)

Lots more to think about and lots of questions. Is this something that could work? What more do you need from me to move forward?