Compost / Recycling

The current theme is Compost / Recycling:  10/22 – 11/22.

The project for compost/recycling is obviously a continuing theme throughout the year but these are the steps and ideas we have as of today, that will be put into place this Monday.

1. Cafeteria Composting: apples, carrots, oranges, bread (only these items)

A trash can will be set up in cafeteria and teachers on duty will direct students to deposit only these items in the compost can.

2. A table will be set up in the back of the cafeteria as our Recycle Center. We will have boxes set up to collect lunchables plastic containers, as well as potato chip bags, and drink pouch containers. An actual example will be taped to front of boxes to direct kids which one to use.

3. In your classrooms there will be two bins. One for compost snack items or other such biodegradable items, and one for paper and writing instruments, and empty glue sticks.

Check out the site. Our school is signed up for specific brigades to recycle these certain products. Terracycle offers shipping and points for these specific items.

Brigades we have joined:

  • Bottle Brigade
  • Chip Bag Brigade
  • Drink Pouch Brigade
  • Lunch Kit Brigade
  • Writing Instruments Brigade

On the outside of the classrooms at certain destinations we will have bins for plastic bottles. These will be labeled as well.

We will have a compost team that will collect the compost. One team for the cafeteria and one team for the classrooms.

We will also have a recycling team to collect from boxes in cafeteria, paper and writing products from room, and bottles from bins outside.   This recycling team should be rotating from grade levels probably starting with the eighth grade and working down.  Any help with this would be appreciated….

We would like to rotate these responsibilities so that all classes are involved. A schedule will have to be set up but we think this would be the best way to get everyone involved; teacher, parents, and students.

All collectable items besides composted items will be sent to Mr. Daniels’ room for storage until specific weights have been received for shipping.

Please feel free to offer any suggestions to this plan in motion, as this is a plan in motion.

Especially in area of scheduling times for all classes to get involved.

Also a video will be made this Thursday after school that will be posted on YouTube so all classes can watch showing how to recycle and compost the certain things properly.