PLC Blog test-drive

To: The Tech Committee

I set this blog up some time ago and ended up using it myself for stuff that related to science and technology.

You can have it back anytime.

For now, here are some thoughts for using it as a hub for PLC and technology information and ideas – outbound information for now. Edmodo is better for questions and answers.

Look though what is already there.

The “updates (weekly)” posts are automatic – I bookmark stuff all the time in Diigo (social bookmarking site). Those get collected together on Sunday and “posted” to the blog – easy way to ensure there is something new at least once a week.

Subscribe to this blog – upper right in navigation menu. You can “manage” your subscription – sends email anytime there is something new, daily, …

Send me a note to post.

Send an email to the blog’s “secret” email address to post it to the blog. That’s how I am posting this message now.

Comments can be allowed or not. If it is only for information distribution, with a nice searchable archive of what was sent, no comments is ok. If it is useful to be more conversational, comments can be allowed / moderated, as appropriate.

WordPress allows for multiple contributors with different levels of authority – author, editor but that is for down the road…

What do you think? Would teachers be ok with subscribing to something like this as a way to get updates periodically?