ARISS, Archaeology and Lectric Library

Image of ISS (blue) passing over Burns (SkyView app screenshot)
WOW – the ARISS project was a huge success. It was really exciting to have 9 Burns Sci Tech students in grades K-8 talking to Dr. Suni Williams as she whizzed overhead in the International Space Station (ISS).

Thanks to the folks from the Daytona Beach Amateur Radio Association who installed all the equipment and kept the connections up for the event. Representatives from Oak Hill, Volusia county, the News Journal and other media were on hand to celebrate, too. Several people with the SkyView app on their phones showed others exactly where the ISS was overhead. It went by very quickly, so the call only lasted about 10 minutes. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about NASA, space, the International Space Station, the life of an astronaut and think about the future.

The Archaeology project in conjunction with the Museum of Arts and Science will kickoff this week. Several activities are planned for Middle School and then the Middle Schoolers will work with the students in the primary grades. Preparations for work with the Canaveral Seashore is also in progress to address water testing, native plans and stabilizing the shoreline.

We are planning to add eBooks and readers in the Media Center for the ‘Lectric Library. Some ideas for using iPads for beginning readers, encouraging reading and writing, touring of Saturn, annotating .PDF files, shoot and edit video, collecting student creations, and much more. The book sale in November will help expand the collection.

Lots of planning is going into long-range strategies for technology adoption by teachers and students including demonstrations, pilot projects, training and support. Many classes are allowing students to use their own technology for specific assignments.

The landscaping is looking great thanks to generous donations of landscape planning and installation, palms and decorative drought-resistant grasses.

Some other projects and upcoming events include reading research project with UCF, the Garden project, Golf Tournament fundraiser, book sale, and the Cafeteria coming in 2013-2014.

And this is just the middle of September!