but what about BYOD?

Great news. The iPads will be used.

However, in an upside down way confirming the limitations, BYOD – using the kids’ own phones, is not where this is going, I think.

Back to the drawing board – what can we do so kids can use their own phones for personalized learning?

We walked through a bunch of scenarios where kids could get to use their own phones – selecting and teaching apps in small groups, as a resource for specific in-class activities, as a follow-on activity related to something they completed, skill building on their own, guided one-on-one with a tutor. Each has a specific learning outcome and is directed enough so kids would be able to complete the “task” without distractions – in theory ;o)

These are the kids’ phones – the “O” in BYOD. There needs to be a partnership because it requires adding specific apps to a kid’s phone. It should include internet access through wifi, if that is available on the kid’s phone. Use all the functionality that this kid’s phone provides in responsible and appropriate ways. This is their world and we are here to help.

These things are so powerful and can add so much, it makes me crazy that they aren’t being used to the max. It is really sad to see kids who clearly could use all the help they can get walking around with the solution in their pockets without the direction and support to open that magic box to exploration and personal learning.

Wanted – kids with phones and ?? that we can work with to demonstrate how cool, amazing and successful BYOD can be.