news 06/11/2012

  • “AudioNote is a universal $0.99 app by Luminant Software, Inc that allows you to take notes while it records the ambient audio. The app will record what is being said in the area around you, and associate it to the notes you are taking. The advantage of this is that you’ll end up with a page full of written notes or drawn figures, as well as a chronological record of all the things that were said, complete with time stamps.”

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  • “You can delete specific cookies from Safari in iOS fairly easily, though the setting to do so is buried a bit. Here is exactly how to remove individual site cookies from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:”

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  • “the ability to search for books by author, title, award/list year, genre, by award, and by booklist
    a Find It! button, powered by the OCLC WorldCat Search API, that will show users where to find the book in a nearby library
    a Favorites button, to create an individualized booklist”

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  • “Automatically turn your photos into amazing 3D models with Autodesk 123D Catch.
    Capture the world around you in a whole new way! Take photos with your camera-equipped iPad and submit them for processing on the Autodesk Cloud where they are automatically converted into a realistic 3D model that you can view, share, and download. Take up to 40 photos and upload them to the Autodesk Cloud for processing”

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  • “GoClass is a classroom application for iPads. It is a single app, driven by the instructor for classroom teaching and learning. Instructors can create lessons using different forms of media. For students to use this app, instructors need to add students by creating student rosters in instructor’s account. Using the app instructors can project the created lessons with the help of a compatible projection system and broadcast specific media and assessments to student iPads. It allows instructors to annotate images and explanation. It allows creation of Polls on-the-go and acts as an effective formative assessment tool. “

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  • iPod Touch and iPad. Click on other tabs to find resources including recommended apps, reviews, and articles related to this topic.

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  • “Amazing Physics-Based Puzzles
    To reach the rainbow, you will need to think carefully about which dino to tap and expand first. Only by using the correct strategy can you create a perfect chain reaction of rolling, falling and bursting creatures that will enable them to taste the beautiful colors of the rainbow. The whole tribe will freak out if one of them makes it to the top!”

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