Today on New Scientist: 8 June 2012

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Today on New Scientist: 8 June 2012

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Neutrinos don’t outpace light, but they do shape-shift

OPERA collaboration reports second-ever instance of a muon neutrino morphing into a tau neutrino

Flame virus used world-class cryptographic attack

Only world-class cryptographers could have designed the new computer worm that hijacked the Windows Update system

Qubits live long, silicon quantum computers prosper

The “bit” of quantum computing, or qubit, has been trapped inside a sliver of silicon for over 3 minutes, a world record

Going over the edge, gecko style

Cockroaches and geckos have a cartoon-like trick for getting away from their pursuers – run straight off a cliff. Now mini robots have got the hang of it too

How to hack a snail to create a living battery

Watch an exclusive video that shows how the first cyborg snail to generate electricity was recently created

The deep space of coral reefs

Coral: Rekindling Venus is a film for planetariums, a superb foray into endangered reefs tinged with cosmic allegory