Peru’s OLPC Implementation

An Alternative Reading of the IADB Study on Peru’s OLPC Implementation

difficult choice of waiting 10 years to do something or begin in parallel. A 2007 study by McKinsey found that the world’s most improved school systems had in common their concern for teacher quality and getting the best people into teaching – a finding that really reduced our options. We also knew that ICT skills had been identified as key ingredients for success by many organizations (see, for example, this report). We believed that putting 21st century tools into the hands of children would be a good way to begin working on the problem while a better teacher workforce was being developed.

It was never the program’s primary goal to improve Math and Language test scores. What we expected was that the children’s lives would be improved by giving them more options for their future — something the study has proven because the children are more proficient in the use of 21st century tools