Engineering for good

Good research report from Girl Scouts

Research shows that girls start losing interest in math and science during middle school. Girls are typically more interested in careers where they can help others (e.g., teaching, child care, working with animals) and ”’make the world a better place”’ … careers that use technology and scientific expertise to change the way things are done, to improve the environment, to make people healthier, or to make life more efficient.

Might be interesting to do an engineering course just for girls – much
more focus on learning about engineering, engineers and what they do –
solve problems about society’s needs. Great research and presentation
opportunities as well as hands-on activities.

More than enough information to start from NOVA Education – Science &
Society and Tech & Engineering

Other humanitarian engineering challenges

UN Millennium Development Goals

Engineers Without Borders

The Tech Awards – global engagement in applying technology to
humanity’s most pressing problems by recognizing individuals,
organizations, and companies that use innovative technology solutions.
6 award areas: Environment, Education, Young Innovator, Health,
Economic Development, or Sustainable Energy.