that’s engineering

That’s Engineering is presented as a series of stories and conversations about engineering ideas, interesting problems and solutions.

This is an Introduction to Engineering – the Engineering 4 Kids online learning experience with overviews of engineering ideas, collaborative learning and activities for kids and their educators.

Stories and conversation

  1. Engineering is… – intro to engineering * engineering design process * scientific method
  2. Measurements and units * testing
  3. Spatial thinking * 3d modeling * CAD
  4. Engineering fundamentals * problem solving * question formulation technique
  5. Applied math * data analysis, computer aided design, machine learning
  6. Systems * life * earth * physical
  7. Simulation, models and virtual reality * failure analysis
  8. Meet the engineers
  9. Engineering challenges * understand apply create PSA
  10. Share what you know * portfolio * PSA 30-90 seconds
  11. Lifelong learning * learning web literacy * reading writing arithmetic * collaboration presentation

We will explore how engineering plays a big part in our “built environment” as well as how scientists do their work with the help of engineers.

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