Cat’s Eye: Reflective Road Marker

Cat’s Eye: Reflective Road Marker "The Cat’s Eye invented in 1933 features reflective glass spheres set inside a rubber and cast-iron housing. Each unit is complex and dynamic, its various materials engineered to serve a variety of clever functions. The metal part of the housing protects the device while creating an audible sound when a car passes over, like Botts’ Dots. Meanwhile, a fixed rubber wiper clears off the glass when it is pushed under the road. The Cat’s Eye is also retroflective, meaning: it redirects light back toward its source with minimum scattering, optimizing visibility for cars in motion." … Continue reading Cat’s Eye: Reflective Road Marker

How Important Is The First CS Course?

This is a good read. We will be working with the kids on using Scratch in the coming weeks. With filtering and Flash, we only have one laptop that can be used, so there will have to be a lot of cooperation and collaboration. Stay tuned… from… How Important Is The First CS Course? In the case of computer science there are lots of fun and interesting things to teach and ways to teach them. You can use block languages like Scratch, Kodu and Alice (see lots more at block programming languages) for example. You can use turtle graphics in … Continue reading How Important Is The First CS Course?

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I listen to these podcasts – I don’t understand a lot of it but it sounds interesting and uses a lot of engineering terms. Cyprien Rusu on the MidasNFX CAE suite Cyprien Rusu on the MidasNFX CAE suite – a really interesting guy – French engineer, works in South Korea, and his English is really good. Oh, and the product is apparently impressive and there is an app for that – well marketing anyway. Mike Shipulski on Humans Engineering Mike Shipulski on Humans Engineering – heavy on platitudes, but good point, great picture talks about Seth … Continue reading i’m listening to…

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Ten Fun Facts About Engineering : PBS LearningMedia tags: k-8 engineering images PBS Teachers | STEM Education Resource Center tags: k-8 STEM resources video teaching 9 trends to watch for in wearable tech — Tech News and Analysis “The smartest bands will track a user’s pulse, sleep patterns and more, helping to paint a holistic picture of wellness. However, a high degree of style will become increasingly important as functionality becomes standardized.” tags: k-8 engineering technology innovation Wearable Technology | Lifestyle | Learnist “From Google glasses to smart watches, headbands & purses, tech companies are creating wearable gadgets that use … Continue reading updates (weekly)

6 Laptops in Your Classroom

6 Reasons Why You Should Use 6 Laptops in Your Classroom I thought this was a great article – really a good solution to this whole debate about technology in the classroom. Some technology to get the job done. Not so much technology that is the the content rather than just another tool to support learning. Fits in beautifully with project-based learning, student-centered, self-directed,… all my favorite things. Continue reading 6 Laptops in Your Classroom

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Tending Crops On A Brooklyn Rooftop “A rooftop farm in Brooklyn grows vegetables and doubles as a green roof, insulating the warehouse below. Green roofs save money on cooling and heating costs and also retain water, reducing the load on sewer systems” tags: k-8 engineering environment video biology Nature’s Engineers HD: The Dam Beaver | National Geographic Documentary – YouTube “Nature’s Engineers HD: The Dam Beaver | National Geographic Documentary “ tags: k-8 biology engineering environment video Screenr | Instant screencasts: Just click record all web-based, free tags: k-8 techstuff tools webcast – Live flight tracker! These are all … Continue reading updates (weekly)

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Our plastic world | Science News for Kids “Plastic is everywhere because plastic is an extremely useful material. It is cheap, strong and lightweight. What’s more, it can take on nearly any form or shape, from soft and stretchy to hard and glasslike.” tags: k-8 environment health engineering Green Roofs — Photo Gallery — National Geographic Magazine “Up on the Roof A lofty idea is blossoming in cities around the world, where acres of potential green space lie overhead.” tags: k-8 environment images Building | Inspiration Green “Building Green Portal” tags: k-8 engineering biology resources environment How the Internet works. … Continue reading updates (weekly)

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Electronic skin | Science News for Kids “electronic device that’s smaller than a postage stamp and sticks to the skin like a temporary tattoo. The device’s possible users — patients, athletes, doctors, secret agents, you — are limited only by their imaginations.” tags: k-8 engineering bio-tech research PBS – Chasing the Sun – Innovators people in aviation history tags: k-8 aviation history The Aviation History OnLine Museum Historic Aircraft Engine Index tags: k-8 engineering aviation engine history Expanding blast-proof curtain will reduce impact of bomb explosions – YouTube “Expanding blast-proof curtain will reduce impact of bomb explosions “ tags: k-8 … Continue reading updates (weekly)