Future Engineers

Future Engineers is an online education platform that hosts national innovation challenges for K-12 students. http://www.futureengineers.org Create a 3d model http://www.futureengineers.org/Learn/Design?key=twoforthecrew How do you turn your amazing idea into a 3D print? You have to make a 3D model! Here are a few programs available free for students. We recommend starting with the free beginner tutorials that come with the software program you choose. After you’ve learned the basics, then create something – anything! Or learn more with the lessons we’ve linked to below. It’s not easy to make a 3D model, but soon you’ll be a pro! Continue reading Future Engineers


Radar Radar is use to detect where something is, where it’s going and how fast it’s moving. Radar has a transmitter that produces radio waves and a receiver that detects them. The system first sends out radio waves. The waves hit an object and some get reflected back toward the radar. As they return, the waves are picked up by the radar’s receiver. The time that it takes for the waves to come back and how the waves have changed when they return provides useful information about the object ahead. This is a radar antenna on top of a boat. … Continue reading Radar