design nature

“Who did it?” is the primary distinction between science – the study of the natural world engineering – designing objects … More

clocks, watches and sundials

Chapel Hill Sundial Carmichael The development of the mechanical clock redefined our sense of time. Sundial Clock – an instrument … More

citizen science

Citizen science – scientific research done by amateur scientists. Citizen science is sometimes called “public participation in scientific research. Citizen … More


Bioengineers are creating a new and exciting medical technology. This technology will utilize virtual reality to help surgeons reconstruct facial … More

Bernoulli Force

Bernoulli’s equation, which was named for Daniel Bernoulli, relates the pressure in a gas to the local velocity; so as … More

Come Fly with Me

Come Fly With Me – Exploring Science K-6 and 7-9 through aviation and aerospace concepts. Based on the work of … More

Mars landing 2021.2.18

6 Things to Know About NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter | NASA Ingenuity features four specially made carbon-fiber blades, arranged into … More

2020 gifts, books

UV-emitting LED lights found to kill coronavirus: Finding suggests technology can be installed in air conditioning, vacuum, and water systems … More

simple machines, mask expressions

Researchers 3D-printed a cell-sized tugboat | Engadget Researchers 3D-printed a cell-sized tugboat Physicists at Leiden University in the Netherlands have … More

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Brains on! A podcast for kids & curious adults A poop emoji pillowPoop Party: Answers to your poo questionsJed Kim, … More