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Ideas, sources for stories – engineering dictionary, [/route%2066 route 66], [/Activities%2C%20projects Activities, projects]

  • fluid mechanics – gas law, thermal energy, viscosity, elasticity, surface tension, vapor pressure, pressure, buoyancy,

There are plenty of online free resources for engineering. Most are suitable for college students or teachers. However, these are good general sources of information for everyone including middle schoolers.

They are available online and they are free.

Engineering – general information

  • Try Engineering – sitemap, [/games games]
  • [/Games%20and%20simulations Games and simulations] – too many to list here

NGSS Next Generation Science Standards – This video series covers the concepts contained within the K-12 Science Framework. It contains 8 practices, 7 crosscutting concepts, and 44 disciplinary core ideas.

Online courses, videos, textbooks – college engineering


  • logo – rover, kite, lego person
  • blog – http://engineering4kids.org
  • That’s engineering – add to each story – brief explanation of how this is engineering * What’s the problem – engineering design process
  • systematically review resources > stories – 25 greatest engineering
  • hands-on activities, games
  • [/Outreach Outreach] – “road show” – presentation
  • news items > stories – diigo, pocket
  • engineering course outlines > stories * electrical, electronics, mechatronics, semiconductor, fabrication, manufacturing
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